Yoshinori Konishi

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This paper presents a high performance pose estimation system based on the newly-proposed sparse Bayesian regression technique (Relevance Vector Machine, RVM) and sparse representation of facial patterns. In our system, after localizing 20 key facial points, sparse features of these points are extracted to represent facial property, and then RVM is utilized(More)
For an active power filter (APF), a three-phase current source PWM converter using IGBTs is not always used in place of a three-phase voltage source PWM converter with a voltage regulated DC capacitor. This is due to the difficulty of current control implementation for three-phase current source PWM converter. In this paper, the effective method to apply(More)
A fundamental step to solve bin-picking and grasping problems is the accurate estimation of an object 3D pose. Such visual task usually rely on profusely textured objects: standard procedures such as detection of interest points or computation of appearance-based descriptors are favoured by using a highly informative surface. However, texture-less objects(More)
We present a robust and efficient framework for facial shape model fitting. Traditional model fitting approaches are sensitive to noise resulting from scene variations due to lighting, facial expressions, poses, etc., and tend to spend substantial computational effort due to heuristic searching algorithms. Our work distinguishes itself from conventional(More)
This paper presents a method for 6D pose estimation from a single RGB image for complex texture-less objects. This class of objects are common in any environment but still challenging to deal with. This is due to the fact that the distribution of surface brightness makes difficult to compute interest points or appearance-based descriptors. Here we propose a(More)
In this paper, a high frequency transformer-assisted auxiliary active resonant commutation snubber (HFTA-ARCS) for voltage source soft switching pulse width modulated power conversion and inversion circuits using IGBTs is presented. A three phase voltage source type soft switching inverter incorporating HFTA-ARCS circuits in its three bridge legs can reduce(More)
In this paper, the voltage source series compensated inductor type capacitive load-resonant high-frequency inverter with a high-voltage matching transformer link is presented for driving a silent discharge ozone generating tube load used as a newly-developed ozonizer. The optimum design value of the series compensated resonant inductor for the capacitive(More)
Many studies on maximal vertical jumps have been done in order to clarify the way human exerts ballistic movements (Bobbert and Ingen Schenau, 1988). However, humans often perform jumps with various take-off angles in various situations and the different muscular and segmental coordination may be involved in the jumps with the different take-off angles. For(More)