Yoshinori Katayama

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A new hidden Markov model (HMM) is proposed for on-line character recognition using two typical features , pen-direction feature and pen-coordinate feature. These two features are quite different in their stationar-ity; pen-direction feature is stationary within every line segment of a stroke whereas pen-coordinate feature is not. In the proposed HMM, these(More)
Hydrogen composition and occupation state provide basic information for understanding various properties of the metal-hydrogen system, ranging from microscopic properties such as hydrogen diffusion to macroscopic properties such as phase stability. Here the deuterization process of face-centred cubic Fe to form solid-solution face-centred cubic FeDx is(More)
In recent years, many studies shows that the ERS (event-related synchronization) in the gamma band is associated with cortical activation during the imagination of body parts movement. It is also known that the ERD (event-related desynchronization) in the micro and beta band are caused by the imagination of body parts movement. In this study, we(More)
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