Yoshinori Hatori

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Cyberworlds are information worlds or communities created on cyberspace by collaborating participants either intentionally or spontaneously. As information worlds, they accumulate information regardless whether or not anyone is in, and they can be with or without 2D or 3D visual graphics appearance. The examples of such cyberworlds are communities created(More)
This paper proposes a H.264 rate control method considering picture characteristics and buffer constraints. Selecting the optimum buffer size corresponding to each application's requirement gives better compression quality and functionality. However, conventional methods allocate the number of bits equally to each GOP and do not explicitly consider the(More)
This paper deals with a view interpolation problem using multiple images captured with a circular camera array. A novel deconvolution method for reconstructing a virtual image at the center of the camera array is presented and discussed in a framework of image restoration in the frequency domain. The reconstruction filter does not depend on the scene(More)
This paper presents a novel view interpolation method for reconstructing an intermediate all-in-focus image from defocused stereo images of a scene consisting of two depths. In the presented method, the novel view can be reconstructed as a sum of the filtered stereo images. The reconstruction filters are derived as stable and linear space-invariant ones;(More)