Yoshinori Hashimoto

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The purpose of this paper is to show realization of passive walking of a biped robot Emu that is composed of one body and two legs. The semi-passive walking means that a biped robot walks passively on gentle descent accompanying with attitude control of the body. In the beginning of this paper, we outline the formulation for the passive and semi-passive(More)
Molecularly targeted therapies require an adequate assessment of molecular expression in cancer. Immunofluorescent staining is a better method to quantify protein expression than immunohistochemistry (IHC), although the latter is currently used to score human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) and steroid receptors. The quantification of signal(More)
We construct the effective potential of the QCD-like theory by using the auxiliary field method. The chiral phase transition of the model at finite temperature and quark chemical potential is discussed from the viewpoint of the shape change of the potential near the critical point. We further generalize the effective potential so as to have the quark number(More)
Extraskeletal osteochondroma is a rare condition. To our knowledge, occurrence in the foot has been very rare. We present here a case wherein the patient developed a painful extraskeletal osteochondroma under the tarsal sesamoid. A fifty-one-year-old man presented at our department with a painful mass on the plantar part of the metatarsal joint of the right(More)
The Data Acquisition System of Beam Position Moni-tors(BPMs) in J-PARC Main Ring consists of 186 Linux-based Data Processing Circuits(BPMCs) and 12 EPICS IOCs. It is an important tool to see the COD and turn-by-turn (bunch-by-bunch) beam positions. This report describes the process of the data reconstruction which include how the various calibration(More)
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