Yoshinori Gunji

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We have previously proposed that fibrin deposition on tumor cells during their migration in the blood could protect them from elimination by natural killer (NK) or other cytotoxic cells. Anticoagulant drugs could prevent fibrin coagulation and increase the efficiency of cytotoxic effector cells in tumor cell elimination. To further investigate the(More)
From September 1979 through March 1981, a total of 302 patients with gastric cancer and undergoing gastrectomy at the Department of Surgery at Chiba University Hospital and its 14 affiliated hospitals was studied for clinical effectiveness of immunotherapy with Nocardia rubra cell wall skeleton. The patients were stratified by gross stage of cancer and(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to evaluate the stress distribution in a mandibular bone with an implant-supported overdenture by a biological-data-based finite element analysis (FEA) utilizing personal CT images and in vivo loading data, and to evaluate the influence of the number and alignment of implants and bone conditions on the stress in peri-implant(More)
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