Yoshinori Asahi

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—The output characteristics of state-of-the-art n-MOSFETs with effective channel lengths of 40 and 60 nm have been measured and compared with full-band Monte Carlo simulations. The device structures are obtained by process simulation based on comprehensive secondary ion mass spectroscopy and capacitance–voltage measurements. Good agreement between the(More)
In this paper, an efficient implementation of a TAM is proposed for the MSOC testing. The technique introduces I/O access of the analog cores through the MTAM switch, which is introduced in the design. An integrated scheduling algorithm for MSOCs is proposed. The method is fully digitally compliant and, therefore, analog and digital cores can be tested in(More)
We have conducted this study to elucidate the influence of GABAergic systems on manifestation of pharmacological activity of desipramine using both pharmacological and electrophysiological methods. Desipramine (20 mg/kg, i.p.) significantly blocked the adjuvant-induced thermal hyperalgesia, which was facilitated by treatment with the GABA(A) antagonist(More)
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