Yoshinori Asahi

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—The output characteristics of state-of-the-art n-MOSFETs with effective channel lengths of 40 and 60 nm have been measured and compared with full-band Monte Carlo simulations. The device structures are obtained by process simulation based on comprehensive secondary ion mass spectroscopy and capacitance–voltage measurements. Good agreement between the(More)
The sequence of an approximately 1.1-kb DNA fragment of the pbp2x gene, which encodes the transpeptidase domain, was determined for 35 clinical isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae for which the cefotaxime (CTX) MICs varied. Strains with substitutions within a conserved amino acid motif changing STMK to SAFK and a Leu-to-Val change just before the KSG motif(More)
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