Yoshinori Akagi

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A methanol extract from the tuberous roots of Potentilla anserina (Rosaceae) exhibited hepatoprotective effects against d-galactosamine (d-GalN)/lipopolysaccharide-induced liver injuries in mice. Six triterpene 28-O-monoglucopyranosyl esters, potentillanosides A-F, were isolated from the extract along with 32 known compounds, including 15 triterpenes. The(More)
Two new gallic acid glycosides, potentillanosides G (1) and H (2), were newly isolated from the methanol extract of the tuberous roots of Potentilla anserina (Rosaceae), together with a known compound, ellagic acid 3-O-α-l-rhamnopyranoside (3). Their structures were elucidated on the basis of chemical and physicochemical evidence. Among the constituents,(More)
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