Yoshinobu Akinaga

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ULF emission data at Lunping (epicentral distance, 120 km) have been analysed for the Chi-chi earthquake (with magnitude 7.6 and depth of 11 km) in Taiwan which occurred on 21 September 1999. Simple intensity analyses have not yielded any significant results but we have found, based on the analysis of polarization (the ratio of vertical magnetic field(More)
Significant anomalous changes in the ultra low frequency range (approximately 0.01 Hz) were observed in both geoelectric and geomagnetic fields before the major volcano-seismic activity in the Izu Island region, Japan. The spectral intensity of the geoelectric potential difference between some electrodes on Niijima Island and the third principal component(More)
A method to compute magnetic shielding tensors with generalized hybrid-orbital (GHO) QM/MM scheme is developed at the levels of Hartree-Fock and second-order Møller-Plesset perturbation theory using gauge-including atomic orbitals. A feature of the GHO method is utilized to ensure gauge-origin independency of GHO shielding tensors in a simple way. The(More)
Proton conductance in a 2-D channel with a slab-like structure was studied to verify that the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) can be used as a simulation tool for proton conduction in a Nafion membrane, which is a mesoscopic system with a highly disordered porous structure. Diffusion resulting from a concentration gradient and migration by an electrostatic(More)
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