Yoshinari Takegawa

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In wearable computing environments, a wearable computer runs various applications using various sensors (wearable sensors). In the area of context awareness, though various systems using accelerometers have been proposed to recognize very minute motions and states, energy consumption was not taken into consideration. We propose a context-aware system that(More)
In guitar performance, fingering is an important factor. In particular, the fingering of the left hand comprises various relationships between the finger and the string, such as the finger touching/pressing/releasing the strings. The recognition of the precise fingering is applied to a self-learning support system, which is able to detect strings being(More)
In this paper, we constructed a system for realizing a new style of dance performance that dancers play music by dancing. From pilot study, we have found that the motion recognition for dance performance needed the synchronism to back ground music (BGM). Therefore, we propose a new motion recognition method specialized to dance performances. The key(More)
Many projects and practices can now support user tasks by presenting images on the floor or wall using a mobile projector. However, unstable images make communication and task support difficult. The viewability of a projected image depends on several factors; the position of the wearable projector, user contexts such as whether he/she is walking or(More)
Advances in computer technologies have enabled new means of musical expression with motion enabled musical instruments, which have attracted a great deal of attention. We created a new performance system that enables a dancer to make music while b-boying, which is a dance style. We implemented sensor-equipped shoes and a system that recognizes motions and(More)
The recent reappreciation of music has helped to reestablish the need for the Disk Jockey(DJ), which is someone who selects and plays music. The DJ selects the music, smoothly changes from one song to another, applies sound effects to the music, and this in turn excites the audience. However, conventional DJs cannot get away from the booth because of all(More)
There has been increasing interest in wearable computing. In wearable computing environments, a wearable computer runs various applications with various sensors (wearable sensors). Since conventional wearable systems do not manage the power supply flexibly, they consume excess power resources for unused sensors. Additionally, sensors frequently become(More)
Recently, performances that combine performers' actions and images projected from a projector have attracted a great deal of attention. In such performances, since the performer usually faces the audience, it is difficult for him/her to watch the projected images on a background screen. This means that he/she cannot make the performances dynamic in response(More)