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69 M ost of us have created Web content using only human-friendly information. Of course, this makes sense—after all, humans are the intended users of the information. However, with the continuing explosion of Web content—especially multimedia content—we argue that contents should be created in a more machine-friendly format—one that lets machines better(More)
A novel tabletop display provides different images to different users surrounding the system. It can also capture users' gestures and physical objects on the tabletop. The Lumisight Table approach is based on the optical design of a special screen system composed of a building material called Lumisty and a Fresnel lens. The system combines these films and a(More)
The goal of our research is to support cooperative work performed by stakeholders sitting around a table. To support such cooperation, various table-based systems with a shared electronic display on the tabletop have been developed. These systems, however, suffer the common problem of not recognizing shared information such as text and images equally(More)
We propose a novel video mediation method that immerses remote users in a virtual shared space. In the implemented system using this method, video cameras and screens surround users, and on the screens placed behind them remote users and physical or virtual objects are all shown in life-size. Unlike conventional video conferencing systems, the method can(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, we present t-Room, the next generation video communication system we are developing. Our approach is to build rooms with identical layouts, including walls of display panels on which users and physical or virtual objects are all shown at life-size. In this way, the user space enclosed by t-Room's surrounding displays can be shared as(More)
Browsing Web pages, which plays an important part of our daily creative knowledge work, often includes purposefully revisiting pages we have browsed before. Many of the existing tools and approaches for revisitation clearly distinguish the use of history from Web browsing. The approach presented in this paper blurs the distinction between browsing the Web(More)
Software designers make decisions covering a wide variety of aspects of the software to be designed through nested, intertwined processes. Some of these dependencies among design decisions might not be obvious, especially for people who didn't start with the project at the beginning of the design process. Extending or altering an existing design decision(More)
Conservation of biodiversity is an important issue. We are investigating a system for monitoring the habitat of endangered fish (Japanese rosy bitterling) using a wireless sensor network. Accordingly, measurements are taken for dissolved oxygen (DO), water temperature, air temperature, humidity, and illuminance. In this paper, we describe this(More)