Yoshinari Oguro

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The fluorescein kinetics in the vitreous was simulated with a computer to consider several factors such as permeability of the blood-retinal barrier, outward active transport, plasma fluorescein dynamics, diffusion of fluorescein in the vitreous, and fluorescein leakage from the blood-aqueous barrier. Kinetic vitreous fluorophotometry was performed in(More)
The authors attempted to estimate rice-planted areas using multi-temporal RADARSAT fine-mode and ERS-1/SAR data in an early period of rice-planting season. The eastern part of Hiroshima City, Higashi-Hiroshima City, was selected as the test field, and three multi-temporal RADARSAT fine-mode images and ERS-1/SAR images, taken before and after rice-planting(More)
The mixel (mixed pixel) which includes the multiple categories is one of the error factor in the land cover classification. Also to solve the mixel problem it requires a lot of calculations. A high speed mixel estimation method by using the Genetic Algorithm (GA) is proposed in this paper. In the result of the simulation for the actual remotely sensed data(More)
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