Yoshinari Nomura

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In this paper, we describe the implementation and evaluation of the Mint operating system, which runs multiple Linux instances by partitioning cores, memory blocks, and I/O devices. The proposed method is not a type of virtualization, hence, it makes the most efficient use of available cores. By performing some evaluations, we confirmed that all OS(More)
Multi-tasking operating systems not only handle concurrent tasksbut also have concurrency and parallelism of various granularities in themselves. We claim that operating systems need to be developed based on a computation model that can deal with concurrency and parallelism of various granularities. In order to investigate this claim, we have been(More)
Fine-grained multithreading based on a natural model, such as dataflow model, is promising in achieving high efficiency and high programming productivity. In this paper, we discuss operating system issues for fine-grained multithread programs. We are developing an operating system called CEFOS based on a dataflow based computation model. A program on CEFOS(More)
A novel approach to detection of communication deadlocks in occam 2 programs is proposed. The main feature of the approach is to monitor the interprocess communications of a target occam 2 program at runtime and detect communication deadlocks in the program by operating a Process-Wait-For Graph (PWFG) of the program. The PWFG is a formal representation of(More)
We proposed a model that is capable of handling the patterns of ambiguous recurring tasks. If we can grasp the pattern, it would be useful for prediction of the tasks which might happen in the future, and also be the hint on handing them over to co-workers. To utilize our model, we have developed a concrete method for manipulation or visualization of the(More)
We proposed a model for detecting patterns in tasks that recur irregularly. This model may be useful for predicting future tasks, but it is not clear how to extract the necessary information from the model. This paper proposes a method for forecasting future tasks by extracting statistical information from the model. First, we introduce some additional(More)
An explicit representation of various dependence relationship in a program has many application in software engineering. System Dependence Net is a model to represent program dependences in a concurrent program which consists of multiple procedures. This paper presents how to generate System Dependence Net for Ada 95 programs automatically.