Yoshinari Makino

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"da Vinci stereopsis" is defined as depth seen in a monocular object occluded by a binocular one, and the visual system must solve its depth ambiguity [Nakayama, K., & Shimojo, S. (1990). da Vinci stereopsis: Depth and subjective occluding contours from unpaired image points. Vision Research, 30, 1811-1825]. Although fused images include various pictorial(More)
By using a hard-wired oscillator network, multiple pattern generation of the lobster pyloric network is simulated. The network model is constructed using a relaxation oscillator representing an oscillatory or quiescent (i.e. steady-state) neuron. Modulatory inputs to the network are hypothesized to cause changes in the dynamical properties of each pyloric(More)
Metastasis from a malignant tumor to the palatine tonsils is rare, with only 100 cases reported in the English-language literature. Tonsillar metastasis from a gastric cancer is very rare. We report here a case of palatine tonsillar metastasis after gastric cancer surgery. The patient was an 88-year-old woman who had gastric cancer with abdominal wall(More)
Hippocampal place cells (PCs) are believed to represent environmental structure. However, it is unclear how and which brain regions represent goals and guide movements. Recently, another type of cells that fire around a goal was found in rat hippocampus (we designate these cells as goal place cells, GPCs). This suggests that the hippocampus is also involved(More)
Liver metastasis from breast cancer usually results in the development of systemic metastasis. We report a breast cancer patient with an early isolated liver recurrence who survived more than 7 years with no recurrence. She was treated with aggressive HER2-directed chemotherapy and hepatic metastasectomy. Local hepatectomy with effective medical oncological(More)
Measuring tumor marker levels following cancer treatment can be useful. Although serum thyroglobulin is a useful marker after total thyroidectomy for papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC), it is not a reliable marker for patients with a high titer of anti-thyroglobulin antibodies or when transformation to undifferentiated carcinoma has occurred. The female(More)
Modern science has been developed through concept of subject-object separation. That is, nature has been cordoned off from human beings and objectified. We have attempted to discover ideal world laws wherein we can consider nature as homogeneous. The real world, however, is by far more complicated than what natural sciences have so far been able to(More)
In terrestrial gastropod mollusks (slugs and snails), olfaction is the dominant sensory modality guiding various kinds of behavior. Anatomical studies indicate that olfactory information is processed in the brain (the cerebral ganglion) in two lobes in particular: the procerebrum (PC) and the metacerebrum (MtC). This implies that olfactory functions emerge(More)