Yoshimitsu Kiriyama

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The estrogen-receptor-related receptors (ERRs) ␣, ␤, and ␥ are orphan nuclear hormone receptors that share significant homology with the estrogen receptors (ERs) but are not activated by natural estrogens. In contrast, the ERRs display constitutive transcriptional activity in the absence of exogenously added ligand. However, the ERRs bind to the estrogen(More)
Macroautophagy, hereafter referred to as autophagy, is a bulk degradation process performed by lysosomes in which aggregated and altered proteins as well as dysfunctional organelles are decomposed. Autophagy is a basic cellular process that maintains homeostasis and is crucial for postmitotic neurons. Thus, impaired autophagic processes in neurons lead to(More)
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