Yoshimi Tsuda

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This study analyzed the increase in head circumference (HC) of 85 autistic infants (64 boys and 21 girls) during their first year of life. The data were collected from their "mother-and-baby" notebooks. This notebook is a medical record of the baby's growth and development delivered to the parents of all babies born in Japan. This is a retrospective study(More)
Research has shown that there is a relationship between increased head circumference and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). This study examined this relationship during the first year of life in subjects with ASD. We compared 280 children with ASD and 609 controls. In the ASD-male group, increases were observed in head circumference from 3 to 12months, in(More)
PURPOSE Facial expressions hold abundant information and play a central part in communication. In daily life, we must construct amicable interpersonal relationships by communicating through verbal and nonverbal behaviors. While school-age is a period of rapid social growth, few studies exist that study developmental changes in facial expression recognition(More)
OBJECTIVE To support the goal of "Lifetime health promotion from childhood", a Committee for Strategies to Prevent Lifestyle-related Diseases was established as part of the Tokushima Prefecture Medical Association in 2000. In this report, we present the activities of this committee, in collaboration with various organizations such as schools, a medical(More)
Rett syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by autistic behavior as well as cognitive and motor skill loss that occurs early in life and almost exclusively affects females. We studied the neuroradiological findings from MRI, SPECT, and proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-MRS) in 4 cases of Rett syndrome. Three of the 4 cases were(More)
Autism is a syndrome that consists of disturbances in social interactions, communication and imagination, and its first-choice of therapy is education. Of special interest is the period of the onset and early diagnosis of autism, and its relation to the period of intervention. In retrospective studies from questionnaire and home videotape analysis, it has(More)
It has been reported that school-aged children with high functioning pervasive developmental disorder (HFPDD) have numerous difficulties in their school class. We used three psychological tests to investigate whether there is a relationship between intelligence and cognitive, behavioral development in children with HFPDD. The three tests used were an(More)
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