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Placental growth factor-2 (PlGF-2) exhibits neurotrophic activity in dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons through the neuropilin-1 (NP-1) receptor in vitro. To examine the potential utility of PlGF-2 therapy for treating diabetic neuropathy, we performed intramuscular PlGF-2 gene transfer by electroporation, and examined its effects on sensory neuropathy in(More)
In adult C57BL/6 mice, a high-responder strain to ovalbumin, PCA and HA antibodies appeared at the same time after immunization. In young mice, on the other hand, the capacity to produce IgE antibodies against ovalbumin developed earlier than that to produce IgM or IgG antibodies.
Mice were subjected to thymectomy at various times after birth and immunized with ovalbumin in aluminum hydroxide gel at 4 or 8 weeks of age. The capacities to produce IgE, IgM and IgG antibodies were abolished by thymectomy carried out within 48 h after birth. The capacity to produce IgE antibody was not affected by thymectomy at 7 days or later, whereas(More)
Pregnant rats received whole-body irradiation at 20 days of gestation with 2.6 Gy lambda rays from a 60Co source. Endocrinological effects before maturation were studied using testes and adrenal glands obtained from male offspring and ovaries from female offspring irradiated in utero. Seminiferous tubules of the irradiated male offspring were remarkably(More)
In the central nervous system, ZM decreased locomotor activity and potentiated hypnosis of hexobarbital-Na in mice. ZM had little hypothermic action and there were no anticonvulsive effects on chemoconvulsion and electroconvulsion shock. ZM, 3 mg/kg i.v. produced a sleep-like pattern in the spontaneous EEG activity of cat; from 20 to 30 min. after(More)
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