Yoshimasa Takahashi

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Video summarization is defined as creating a shorter video clip or a video poster which includes only the important scenes in the original video streams. In this paper, we propose two methods of generating a summary of arbitrary length for large sports video archives. One is to create a concise video clip by temporally compressing the amount of the video(More)
Aiming at the prediction of pleiotropic effects of drugs, we have investigated the multilabel classification of drugs that have one or more of 100 different kinds of activity labels. Structural feature representation of each drug molecule was based on the topological fragment spectra method, which was proposed in our previous work. Support vector machine(More)
Video abstraction is defined as creating a video abstract which includes only important information in the original video streams. There are two general types of video abstracts, namely the dynamic and static ones. The dynamic video abstract is a 3-dimensional representation created by temporally arranging important scenes while the static video abstract is(More)
Recently, many concerns are paid for dual action drugs such as ACE/NEP dual inhibitors which have two different biological activities. To identify multiple active drugs by supervised learning approach, a multi-label classification technique is required. In the present work, we investigated the classification of antihypertensive drugs including ACE/NEP dual(More)
The authors have developed a software tool, MolSpace, to visualize massive molecular datasets. MolSpace can project a set of massive multivariate data onto a visual space (two- or three-dimensional space) by means of principal component analysis. MolSpace allows users not only to draw a scatter diagram of the data but also to display their two- or(More)
In this paper, a computer algorithm is investigated for the systematic perception and extraction of possible ring substructures: smallest set of smallest rings (SSSR), SSSR-dependent rings, fused rings, spiro ring substructures, and so on. Here, a simple ring with no transannular bonds in the ring system is defined as an elementary ring. The set of(More)
This paper describes an approach to automated identification of three-dimensional common structural features of proteins. The structure of a protein was represented by a set of secondary structure elements (SSEs) in the same manner used in our previous work, where only α-helix and β-strand secondary structure elements were considered. The maximal common(More)