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In the present study, we studied the signal transduction mechanism that is involved in the expression of c-Jun protein evident after exposure of rat liver epithelial RL34 cells to the major end(More)
Up-regulation of the antioxidant system provides protection against NaCl-induced oxidative damage in plants. Antioxidants and activity of enzymes involved in the ascorbate-glutathione (ASC-GSH) cycle(More)
Methyl jasmonate (MeJA) elicits stomatal closing similar to abscisic acid (ABA), but whether the two compounds use similar or different signaling mechanisms in guard cells remains to be clarified. We(More)
Proline and betaine accumulate in plant cells under environmental stresses including salt stress. Here, we investigated effects of proline and betaine on the growth and activities of antioxidant(More)