Yoshimasa Matsumura

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This paper empirically investigates the use and behaviour of Evolution Strategies (ES) algorithms on problems such as function optimisation and the use of evolutionary artificial neural networks in evolutionary robotics. Computer simulations are conducted which compare the performance of Classical-ES (CES) and Robust-ES (RES). We show that the performance(More)
Task scheduling algorithms for evolutionary multi-robotics (EMR) problem in grid computing environments are discussed. In this paper, list scheduling with round-robin order replication (RR) is adopted to reduce waiting times due to synchronization in EMR. Our results show that RR can reduce the synchronous waiting time in comparison with Work Queue (WQ)(More)
This paper discusses grasping of objects by multi-ngered robot hand and proposes a procedure for the synthesis of stable grasp. In the procedure, the conditions for the Liapunov stablility and the contact stability are formulated as an optimization programming problem, and an evolutionary computation technique is applied to the problem. The eeectiveness of(More)
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