Yoshimasa Kurihara

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We list the set of C and P conserving anomalous quartic vector bosons self-couplings which can be tested at LEP2 through triple vector boson production. We show how this set can be embedded in manifestly SU(2) × U(1) gauge invariant operators exhibiting an SU(2)c global symmetry. We derive bounds on these various couplings and show the most relevant(More)
A new event generator is proposed for two processes e+e− → νν̄γ and e+e− → νν̄γγ where νν̄ includes all the neutrino species. The exact matrix elements of singleand double-photon emission, generated by the GRACE system, are convoluted with the QED parton shower(QEDPS) to deal with the initial state radiations(ISR). It is pointed out that a careful treatment(More)
The GR@PPA event generator has been updated to version 2.7. This distribution provides event generators for V (W or Z) + jets ( 4 jets), VV + jets ( 2 jets) and QCD multi-jet ( 4 jets) production processes at pp and pp̄ collisions, in addition to the four bottom quark productions implemented in our previous work (GR@PPA_4b). Also included are the top-pair(More)
A parton shower method for the photonic radiative correction is applied to the single W -boson production processes. The energy scale for the evolution of the parton shower is determined so that the correct soft-photon emission is reproduced. Photon spectra radiated from the partons are compared with those from the exact matrix elements, and show a good(More)