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We describe a scheme for producing polarised positrons at the ILC from polarised X-rays created by Compton scattering of a few-GeV electron beam off a CO 2 or YAG laser. This scheme is very energy effective using high finesse laser cavities in conjunction with an electron storage ring. At the ILC there exists a well motivated physics case to have not only(More)
Recently the collider physics community has seen significant advances in the formalisms and implementations of event generators. This review is a primer of the methods commonly used for the simulation of high energy physics events at particle colliders. We provide brief descriptions, references, and links to the specific computer codes which implement the(More)
We present a study of single-W production (e + e − → e − ¯ ν e W +) as a new probe of the anomalous couplings at the LEP energy region. We introduce simple cuts to separate the single-W process from W-pair production and have performed cross-section calculations using 4-fermion generator " grc4f ". The cross-section of the single-W process is found to be(More)
A set of one-loop vertex and box tensor-integrals with massless internal particles has been obtained directly without any reduction method to scalar-integrals. The results with one or two massive external lines for the vertex integral and zero or one massive external lines for the box integral are shown in this report. Dimensional regularization is employed(More)
A new method to construct event-generators based on next-to-leading order QCD matrix-elements and leading-logarithmic parton showers is proposed. Matrix elements of loop diagrams as well as those of a tree level can be generated using an automatic system. A soft/collinear singularity is treated using a leading-log subtraction method. Higher order(More)
A new event generator is proposed for two processes e + e − → ν ¯ νγ and e + e − → ν ¯ νγγ where ν ¯ ν includes all the neutrino species. The exact matrix elements of single-and double-photon emission, generated by the GRACE system, are convoluted with the QED parton shower(QEDPS) to deal with the initial state radiations(ISR). It is pointed out that a(More)