Yoshimasa Kurihara

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Generic Fortran common blocks are presented for use by High Energy Physics event generators for the transfer of event configurations from parton level generators to showering and hadronization event generators. Modularization of High Energy Particle Physics event generation is becoming increasingly useful as the complexity of Monte Carlo programs grows. To(More)
We describe a scheme for producing polarised positrons at the ILC from polarised X-rays created by Compton scattering of a few-GeV electron beam off a CO 2 or YAG laser. This scheme is very energy effective using high finesse laser cavities in conjunction with an electron storage ring. At the ILC there exists a well motivated physics case to have not only(More)
For the study of reactions in High Energy Physics (HEP) automatic computation systems have been developed and are widely used nowadays. GRACE is one of such systems and it has achieved much success in analyzing experimental data. Since we deal with the cross section whose value can be given by calculating hundreds of Feynman diagrams, we manage the large(More)
A new method to construct event-generators based on next-to-leading order QCD matrix-elements and leading-logarithmic parton showers is proposed. Matrix elements of loop diagram as well as those of a tree level can be generated using an automatic system. A soft/collinear singularity is treated using a leading-log subtraction method. Higher order(More)
1 Abstract A study of e + e ? annihilations into nal states containing a single energetic photon with no accompanying particles is made at a center of mass energy of 57.8 GeV. The measured cross section is consistent with expectations from standard model processes and is used to set limits on the masses of the scalar electron and photino particles predicted(More)