Yoshikuni Okawa

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In order to automate the human visual inspection process in the diode production factories, we construct an experimental computer system with an image digitizing circuit and a microscope. Based on the statistical decision theory, we formulate six mathematical functions for the six major defects frequently seen on diode pellets. On one thousand good samples(More)
We propose a multiprocessor architecture with partially shared memory blocks, which is, we think, best suited for the successive approximation of scientific computing problems, such as matrix operations, partial differential equations etc. The topology is a ring. But the system configuration is a subset of an orthogonal multiprocessor Scherson and Hwang(More)
A color picture processing system is proposed. It consists of a microcomputer and a color video recorder. A picture is taken by a portable videotape recorder and a camera on cassette tapes in the field and brought back to the laboratory where the processing computer is installed. The scenes are replayed on the videotape player on the monitor TV screen,(More)