Yoshikuni Nomura

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This paper presents an automatic method for creating a collage from a collection of photos of a scene taken from different viewpoints. The collage is constructed by aligning the images (in terms of their positions, rotations and scales) using a least-squares formulation. We have developed a graph-based optimization algorithm for layering the images so as to(More)
In this paper, we propose a learning-based demosaicing and a restoration error detection. A Vector Quantization (VQ)-based method is utilized for learning. We take advantage of a self-similarity in an image for a codebook generation in VQ. The mosaic image is interpolated via a traditional method, and applied scaling, blurring, phase-shifting and resampling(More)
The paper proposes a transmission system for Motion-JPEG2000 video in mobile communications. In Motion JPEG2000, video data are compressed in frames according to JPEG2000 part1. In JPEG2000 part1 encoding, an input image is coded in the order of significant sub-bands, which are low-frequency bands. The proposed transmission system therefore assigns each(More)
In this paper, we propose low complexity realization of nonlinear acoustic echo cancellation. Generally, it is assumed that the acoustic echo path in hands free telecommunication systems is a linear system. However, the acoustic echo path in modern cellular phones has nonlinearity because the influence of nonlinear distortions of the low cost audio(More)
This paper proposes a novel transmit beamforming system at downlink in TDD/MC-CDMA. The proposed system includes transmit weighting and multiplexing schemes based on careful study of the orthogonality of spreading code. Hence, the proposed system can improve the BER performance and the transmission efficiency. On the other hand, the conventional transmit(More)
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