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Bodies of memory
Dead Bodies and Living Guns: The United Red Army and Its Deadly Pursuit of Revolution, 1971–1972
The radical organization, the United Red Army, gained an iconic status in Japan in the early 1970s when it held hostages in a mountain lodge, Asama-sansō. Its defeat by the police force announced the
Mothra’s Gigantic Egg: Consuming the South Pacific in 1960s Japan
In an essay originally published in 1992, the cultural critic Nagayama Yasuo raised an intriguing question: why do monsters always come from the South—specifically the South Pacific—in Toho monster
Edogawa Rampo and the Excess of Vision: An Ocular Critique of Modernity in 1920s Japan
In recent years, the works and life of the mystery writer Edogawa Rampo (1894–1965) have generated renewed interest in Japan.1 Commemorating the centennial of his birth in 1994, magazines carried