Yoshiko Takahashi

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The in ovo electroporation in chicken embryos has widely been used as a powerful tool to study roles of genes during embryogenesis. However, the conventional electroporation technique fails to retain the expression of transgenes for more than several days because transgenes are not integrated into the genome. To overcome this shortcoming, we have developed(More)
The cellular origin and molecular mechanisms regulating pigmentation of head and neck are largely unknown. Melanocyte specification is controlled by the transcriptional activity of Mitf, but no general logic has emerged to explain how Mitf and progenitor transcriptional activities consolidate melanocyte and progenitor cell fates. We show that cranial(More)
The autonomic nervous system, which includes the sympathetic neurons and adrenal medulla, originates from the neural crest. Combining avian blood vessel-specific gene manipulation and mouse genetics, we addressed a long-standing question of how neural crest cells (NCCs) generate sympathetic and medullary lineages during embryogenesis. We found that the(More)
Mesenchymal-epithelial transitions (MET) are crucial for vertebrate organogenesis. The roles of Rho family GTPases in such processes during actual development remain largely unknown. By electroporating genes into chick presomitic mesenchymal cells, we demonstrate that Cdc42 and Rac1 play important and different roles in the MET that generates the vertebrate(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether dietary intervention in free-living healthy subjects is effective in improving blood pressure levels. DESIGN Open randomised, controlled trial. SETTING Free-living healthy subjects in two rural villages in north-eastern Japan. PARTICIPANTS Five hundred and fifty healthy volunteers aged 40-69 years. INTERVENTIONS Tailored(More)
OBJECTIVE Little is known about the relationship of monetary diet costs to dietary intake and obesity, particularly in non-Western populations. This study examined monetary cost of dietary energy in relation to diet quality and body mass index (BMI) among young Japanese women. DESIGN Dietary intake was assessed by a validated, self-administered, diet(More)
OBJECTIVES How human chronotype is correlated to nutrient and food-group intakes and dietary behavior remains to be elucidated. We cross-sectionally examined the association between the midpoint of sleep and these dietary variables in young Japanese women. A calculated halfway point between bedtime and rise time was used as midpoint of sleep. METHODS The(More)
Orexin neurons contribute to cardiovascular, respiratory and analgesic components of the fight-or-flight response against stressors. Here, we examined whether the same is true for stress-induced hyperthermia. We used prepro-orexin knockout mice (ORX-KO) and orexin neuron-ablated mice (ORX-AB) in which the latter lack not only orexin, but also other putative(More)
An oligochaete annelid species, Enchytraeus japonensis, reproduces not only asexually but also sexually. It has been reported that putative mesodermal stem cells called neoblasts contribute to blastema formation and that Ej-piwi(+) germline stem cells participate in gonadal regeneration. To delineate the origin and formation of both of these stem cells, we(More)
During early morphogenesis, tissue segregation is often accompanied by changes in cell shape. To understand how such coordination is regulated, somitogenesis was used as a model. When a somite forms in the anterior end of the presomitic mesoderm, an intersomitic boundary (gap) emerges, and it is rapidly followed by cell epithelialization at this border. It(More)