Yoshiko Ogiyama

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Recently, the involvement of mutation and deletion of transcription regulatory elements in the Bm , Am , A3 and B3 phenotypes has been reported. In the present study, we carried out genetic analysis of individuals with A3 and B3 using peptide nucleic acid-clamping PCR to exclude amplification of O alleles. Two single-point mutations, -76G>C and -68G>T, were(More)
Most cases of hemolytic disease of the newborn associated with anti-Jra are mild. However, rare cases of hydrops fetalis and severe anemia have been reported. We treated a neonate with anemia who was born with maternal anti-Jra, which were detected in the umbilical cord plasma. The Jra antigens in the neonate core blood red blood cells (RBCs) exhibited(More)
BACKGROUND The high-prevalence antigen Jr(a) is carried on the ATP-binding cassette transporter ABCG2. The ABCG2 gene consists of 16 exons and its translation start codon is located on the second exon. Although the occurrence of the Jr(a-) phenotype is rare, several ABCG2 null alleles have been reported. We report a new ABCG2 null allele having a large(More)
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