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Previously, we reported that the rice dwarf mutant, d1, is defective in the alpha subunit of the heterotrimeric G protein (Galpha). In the present study, gibberellin (GA) signaling in d1 and the role of the Galpha protein in the GA-signaling pathway were investigated. Compared with the wild type, GA induction of alpha-amylase activity in aleurone cells of(More)
Several surgical procedures have been used for the treatment of syringomyelia associated with Chiari I malformation at our institute. The purpose of this article is to evaluate the results of two major surgical procedures, foramen magnum decompression (FMD) and syringosubarachnoid (SS) shunting. The series consisted of 70 patients with syringomyelia(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The importance of hemodynamic parameters for predicting outcome in patients with occlusive carotid disease remains controversial. The present study was aimed at testing the hypothesis that regional cerebrovascular reactivity (rCVR) to acetazolamide can be a reliable predictor of subsequent ischemic stroke in medically treated patients(More)
To study the transcriptional regulation of the vasopressin gene in vitro, 3 kb of the 5' regulatory region of the rat vasopressin gene was isolated and subcloned, along with a series of various deletion mutants, into vectors containing the luciferase reporter gene. After transfecting these genes transiently into the human choriocarcinoma cell line JEG-3(More)
Transgenic rice containing an antisense cDNA for the alpha subunit of rice heterotrimeric G protein produced little or no mRNA for the subunit and exhibited abnormal morphology, including dwarf traits and the setting of small seeds. In normal rice, the mRNA for the alpha subunit was abundant in the internodes and florets, the tissues closely related to(More)
The development of sensory organization on postural control was studied using computerized dynamic posturography. Generalized postural stability increased with age but had not reached the adult level at the age of 15 years. The significance of each sensory component for postural control was analysed. Somatosensory function developed early and became(More)
PURPOSE To determine the role of radiotherapy in the management of spinal cord gliomas. METHODS AND MATERIALS Thirty-six patients with spinal cord glioma treated between 1979 and 1993 were examined. The patients had 13 astrocytic tumors (7 astrocytomas, 4 anaplastic astrocytomas, 2 glioblastomas), 22 ependymal tumors (18 ependymomas, 4 myxopapillary(More)
Fyn tyrosine kinase, a member of the Src family, was recently reported to be present in neurons and glia cells. We investigated whether Fyn is involved in the Trk-dependent signal transduction pathways of neurotrophin. The Fyn-Src homology domain 2 (SH2) was observed to associate in vitro with the intracellular domain of TrkB (ICD-TrkB). This association(More)
The mouse proteolipid protein (PLP) gene was cloned into the lambda bacteriophage Charon 4A. The organization and the nucleotide sequence of the exons of the mouse PLP gene were quite similar to those of their human counterparts, consisting of seven exons. The transcription of the PLP gene started from multiple sites. There was a unique sequence tandemly(More)
Skeletal resistance to parathyroid hormone (PTH) is one of the major abnormalities underlying bone diseases in uremia, the mechanism of which has not yet been fully elucidated. Osteoclastogenesis inhibitory factor (OCIF), or osteoprotegerin, is a natural decoy receptor for osteoclast differentiation factor (ODF), produced by osteoblasts in response to PTH.(More)