Yoshiko Iwami

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate a fully automated processing system (TACAS™ Pro) for liquid-based procedures (LBPs). METHODS AND MATERIALS Materials were 3,483 and additionally 502 specimens that were taken at Kanagawa Health Service Association. Specimens obtained with a Cervex-Brush® were first smeared to glass slides using one side of the brush and then(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the usefulness of a new liquid-based cytological procedure in a population screening program for cervix cancer. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Subjects were 1,000 women who underwent primary screening at the Kanagawa Health Service Association. The cytological specimens obtained by either cotton stick and Cytobrush® or Cervex-Brush® were(More)
A 29-year-old man with malignant vasovagal syncope presented with episodes of abrupt loss of consciousness associated with an aura, totaling more than 10 episodes over 3 months. Holter monitoring showed cardiac arrest with a duration of 15 seconds. Oral propranolol and disopyramide therapy failed to prevent the syncope. A dual chamber pacemaker with a rate(More)
We describe a 16-year-old female referred for evaluation of syncope associated with competitive long distance running. She had experienced 4 episodes of syncope during competitive long distance racing. The syncope associated with marked bradycardia and asystole was demonstrated by head-up tilt testing without isoproterenol infusion. Oral propranolol therapy(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether or not the liquid-based procedure (LBP) for endometrial cytology is as worthwhile for endometrial phasing as conventional slides. MATERIALS AND METHODS The subjects were 81 women who underwent endometrial cytology and were defined as negative. The specimens obtained by either Endocyte® or Masubuchi aspiration tube® were(More)
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