Yoshiko Inoue

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We observed expression patterns of hedgehog (hh), wingless (wg), and decapentaplegic (dpp) during gut development of Gryllus bimaculatus (the cricket), a typical hemimetabolous insect, and compared with those observed in Drosophila, a typical holometabolous insect. Gryllus hh(Gbhh) and Gbwg are expressed in both foregut and hindgut, while Gbdpp is expressed(More)
We describe the expression pattern of Gryllus homothorax (Gbhth) and dachshund (Gbdac), a cricket homologue of Drosophila homothorax and dachshund, together with localization of Distal-less or Extradenticle protein during leg development. We correlated their expression patterns with the morphological segmentation of the leg bud. The boundary of Gbhth/GbDll(More)
We report the isolation and expression patterns of aristaless (al), a paired-type homeobox gene, of Gryllus bimaculatus (Gb), a hemimetabola model insect. Gryllus al (Gbal) is expressed in the most distal region of developing labrum, antenna, mandible, maxilla, labium, leg, cercus, and hindgut. Gbal is also expressed in the proximal region, corresponding to(More)
We report that Gryllus bimaculatus dachshund (Gbdac), a cricket homologue of Drosophila dachshund (Dmdac), is expressed in the developing eye and brain. During brain development, Gbdac was first expressed in the medial head region, corresponding to a part of developing protocephalic region, and expressed in the primordial and adult Kenyon cells. During eye(More)
Effective germline transformation of insects has been shown to depend on the right choice of transposon system and selection marker. In this study the promoter region of a Gryllus cytoplasmic actin (GbA3/4) gene was isolated and characterized, and was used to drive the expression of Minos transposase in embryos of the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus. Active(More)
To understand the mechanism of regeneration, many experiments have been carried out with hemimetabolous insects, since their nymphs possess the ability to regenerate amputated legs. We first succeeded in observing expression patterns of hedgehog, wingless (wg), and decapentaplegic (dpp) during leg regeneration of the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus. The(More)
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