Yoshiki Sakai

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We address the issue of data fusion. Suppose that we are given two datasets, where some variables are different each other and others are the same. The goal of data fusion is to complement the missing unique variables in each dataset using the common variables. Data fusion facilitates inference over multiple independent and different datasets, which is an(More)
Whereas the main interest in most existing data mining approaches has been sequence data on a single type of object, namely attribute data, real-world databases store information about multiple relationships between various classes of objects. The modeling of these general relational data (GRD) plays an important role in eliciting knowledge across multiple(More)
We propose a way of quickly and automatically identifying the positions of players in soccer broadcast video. The approach is based on fast specification of camera view angles corresponding to frame pictures by using a ldquoblock-based searchrdquo. Our method can decide on a camera view angle that corresponds to a frame picture by making block-based(More)
Many content distribution systems such as CDN and P2P file sharing have been developed. In these systems, file-type contents require downloads to be completed before they can be played and they have no value before the download finishes. Therefore, the total download time for this sort of content is very important, and the service period should be reduced(More)
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