Yoshiki Ohgo

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Isocyanide-bound model hemes always adopt the (dxz, dyz)4(dxy)1 ground state, however, we have found that the replacement of porphyrin by diazaporphyrin leads to the formation of an unprecedented low-spin bis(tert-butylisocyanide) complex with the (dxy)2(dxz, dyz)3 ground state.
The corrphycene mol-ecule of the title compound, [Cu(C(36)H(36)N(4)O(4))](0.034).0.966C(36)H(38)N(4)O(4), has an essentially planar macrocyclic framwork with a slightly distorted trapezoidal N(4) core; the r.m.s. deviation of the peripheral 20 C atoms and four N atoms is 0.054 (3) Å. The surface area within the N(4)-coordinating core (8.358 Å(2)) is(More)
The title complex, [Fe(C(36)H(36)N(4)O(4))Cl], shows a domed structure with a slightly distorted trapezoidpyramidal core, in which the perpendicular displacements of the Fe(III) atom from the mean pyrrole N(4) plane are 0.418 (3) and 0.465 (3) Å for the two crystallographically independent mol-ecules.
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