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BACKGROUND A British randomised study of gemcitabine plus cisplatin (GC) combination showed promising results in biliary tract cancer (BTC) patients. In our study, we evaluated the efficacy and safety of this combination compared with gemcitabine alone (G) in Japanese BTC patients. METHODS Overall, 84 advanced BTC patients were randomised to either(More)
The effect of denopamine, a selective beta(1)-adrenergic agonist, on alveolar fluid clearance was determined in both ex vivo rat and guinea pig lungs. Alveolar fluid clearance was measured by the progressive increase in the concentration of Evans blue-labeled albumin over 1 h at 37 degrees C. Denopamine (10(-6) to 10(-3) M) increased alveolar fluid(More)
There is little information regarding the effect of hypoxia on alveolar fluid clearance capacity. We measured alveolar fluid clearance, lung water volume, plasma catecholamine concentrations, and serum osmolality in rats exposed to 10% oxygen for up to 120 h and explored the mechanisms responsible for the increase in alveolar fluid clearance. The principal(More)
This paper presents a new voice morphing method which focuses on the continuity of phonological identity overall inter-and extrapolated regions. Main features of the method are 1) to separate the characteristic of vocal tract area resonances from that of vocal cord waves by using AR-HMM analysis of speech, 2) interpolation in a log vocal tract area function(More)
This paper presents a flexible voice morphing method based on conversion using a linear combination of multi-speakers' vocal tract area functions, in which phonological identity is maintained in terms of the overall interpolated area. In this system, the characteristic of vocal tract resonances is separated from that of glottal source waves using AR-HMM(More)
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