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PURPOSE To determine the feasibility of diffusion-weighted (DW) MRI of uterine endometrial cancer and to investigate whether the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values of endometrial cancer differ from those of normal endometrium and whether they differ according to the histologic grade of the tumor. MATERIALS AND METHODS Study population included 18(More)
The usefulness of diffusion-weighted (DW) magnetic resonance (MR) imaging for the diagnosis of uterine sarcomas was investigated, as well as whether DW images and quantitative measurement of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values can facilitate differentiating uterine sarcomas from benign leiomyomas. MR images including DW images were obtained in 43(More)
PURPOSE The goal of this study was to compare the benefits and complications of using an ultrasonically activated scalpel and conventional division of the pancreas in patients undergoing a distal pancreatectomy. METHODS A retrospective review was performed of all patients who underwent distal pancreatectomy at the Department of Surgery, Koshigaya(More)
Further characterization of the genetic environment of the gene encoding the Escherichia coli extended-spectrum beta-lactamase, bla(VEB-1), revealed the presence of a plasmid-located class 1 integron, In53, which carried eight functional resistance gene cassettes in addition to bla(VEB-1). While the aadB and the arr-2 gene cassettes were identical to those(More)
Gastrointestinal phenotype in cervical adenocarcinomas was examined by immunohistochemistry and correlated with morphologic features. Antibody panels included anti-MUC2, MUC6, CD10, chromogranin A (CGA) and HIK1083. In addition, expression of p16INK4, a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor which is expressed in a variety of high-risk HPV-related conditions,(More)
Somatostatin is well known to inhibit the hormone secretion of various peptides. This action has been considered to be generally mediated via six different specific somatostatin receptors (sstr), sstr1, sstr2A, sstr2B, sstr3, sstr4, and sstr5. It then becomes very important to demonstrate the localization of these sstr subtypes in order to elucidate the(More)
Twenty alkalophilic actinomycetes with optimum growth pH of 9.0 to 9.5 were isolated. Although these new isolates morphologically closely resembled conventional streptomycetes containing LL-diaminopimelic acid, nine out of 20 isolated contained meso-diaminopimelic acid. Among 420 International Streptomyces Project (ISP) Streptomyces strains tested for their(More)
The ovaries represent common sites for metastatic disease. The common primary sites for metastatic disease to the ovaries include the colon, stomach, breast, and the genitourinary tract. Hematologic malignancies, including lymphoma and leukemia, also involve the ovaries. Ovarian metastasis may occasionally represent the initial manifestation of disease,(More)
The genetic diversity of recent clinical isolates of Candida albicans in Japan was studied on the basis of amplified DNA band lengths determined with a specific PCR primer reported to have been designed to span a transposable intron region in the 25S rRNA gene. Our analyses of 301 clinical isolates of C. albicans showed that they could be classified into(More)
A simplified technique to detect polyphenol oxidase and melanin formation by Streptomyces culture filtrates was developed. The procedure involves the direct assay of pigment formation by the culture filtrate with 3-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-L-alanine (L-dopa) as a substrate. Among cultures of the International Streptomyces Project, 34 failed to produce a(More)