Yoshiki Chujo

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The synthesis and processing of nanoparticles consisting of metallic nanocrystal cores and organic monolayer shells promise interesting technological applications. Here, we report the synthesis of gold nanoparticles modified with ionic liquids based on the imidazolium cation. Aggregation-induced color changes of the gold nanoparticles in an aqueous solution(More)
We report the direct modification of SPIOs with a biomolecule and the target-specific assembly system of these modified SPIOs for using MRI contrast agents. The transverse relaxation rate of the aqueous solutions containing the modified SPIOs was altered by the dispersion state.
We report the direct modification of SPIOs with a biomolecule, and the sequence-specific assembly of the modified SPIOs was achieved with the aptamer-small molecule interaction. In addition, the transverse relaxation rate of the aqueous solutions containing the modified SPIOs was altered by the dispersion state.
The photo-triggered molecular release from the organic-inorganic polymer hybrids is presented in this manuscript. Initially, the preparation of the auto-degradable polymer is explained with the photo-cleavable group at the end of the polymer main-chain. The silica-based dye-loaded hybrids containing these polymers were fabricated. It was found that by UV(More)
Conjugated polymers display unique electronic and optical properties, which favor their use in applications as optoelectronic materials and molecular devices. Despite the recent remarkable progress in the chemistry of conjugated polymers, the synthesis of conjugated polymers containing cyclophane units in the main chain is limited to only a few examples.(More)
Biological reduction of fluorine-labeled indolequinone derivative (IQ-F) was characterized by (19)F NMR for quantitative molecular understanding. The chemical shift change in (19)F NMR allowed monitoring of the enzymatic reduction of IQ-F. Upon hypoxic treatment of IQ-F with NADPH:cytochrome P450 reductase, IQ-F was activated via catalytic one-electron(More)
A carboxylic acid-terminated polyhedral oligosilsesquioxane (POSS)-core dendrimer (POSS-CO2H) was synthesized from octa(3-ammoniumpropyl)octasilsesquioxane octachloride (POSS-NH3+) via a t-butyl ester-terminated POSS-core dendrimer that was prepared from neutralized POSS-NH3+ and t-butyl acrylate. Complexing properties of the sodium salts of POSS-CO2H(More)
A novel core-shell gold colloid-silk fibroin (SF) bioconjugate was prepared by the protein in situ redox technique at room temperature, in which the tyrosine (Tyr) residue of the SF, having strong electron donating properties, in situ reduced Au(III) ions to Au colloids showing a stable and highly monodispersed nature.
We describe here the facile and robust preparation methods for the multiple-SPIO-containing silica-coated core/shell type nanoparticles which can serve as a highly sensitive MRI contrast agent. The imidazolium-tethered core/shell type particles were synthesized, and the centrifugal selection for the multiple-SPIO-containing particles and the etching process(More)
In this article, we report the unique optical characteristics of boron diiminates in the solid states. We synthesized the boron diiminates exhibiting aggregation-induced emission (AIE). From the series of optical measurements, it was revealed that the optical properties in the solid state should be originated from the suppression of the molecular motions of(More)