Yoshikazu Yano

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An asymptomatic cardiac neurilemoma was found in a 33-year-old woman. The tumor was on the anterior surface of the right atrium extending to the right upper pulmonary vein across the interatrial groove. The tumor was resected completely and right atrium, interatrial septum, left atrium and right superior pulmonary vein were reconstructed with(More)
— Emotion expression through behavior is meaningful for communication processes between robots and humans. Automatic emotion expression generation is needed for those robots in order to stimulate communication with humans. Proposed technique generate emotional motions by modifying base motion patterns using the combination of the adjectival expressions. In(More)
— The focus of this paper is mental tension detection in speech to assist control the tension in day-today business such as conferences and operations in a call center. It is difficult to use classical techniques for mental tension detection in day-today business because those techniques require invasion body by electrodes or squirts and tied up by cables.(More)
This paper proposes complex emotion recognition system for a specific user ,where complex emotion has mingled emotions. In order to show the differences between individuals, we use Self-Organizing Feature Map(SOM) for proposed system. Additionaly, in order that emotion recognition system expresses complex emotion, we propose new method for labeling. We(More)