Yoshikazu Yamaguchi

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BACKGROUND Studies have compared sealing effects of the newly developed tapered endotracheal tube cuff with the conventional cylindrical cuff. In this study, we compared the difference between cuffs with regard to the increase in intracuff pressure during nitrous oxide (N(2)O) exposure. METHODS Two types of cuffs were studied using a model trachea(More)
Laryngeal ultrasonography has mainly been performed after tracheal extubation. However, improvements in ultrasound technology now allow assessment of vocal cord function even under conditions of endotracheal intubation. We report herein the use of laryngeal ultrasonography in an endotracheally intubated patient after esophagectomy, which allowed us to make(More)
The incidence of the perforated ulcer was 1.5% out of the total mumber of 2.935 cases of the operated gastr ic and duodenal ulcers dur ing the same period. Fourty cases out of 44 perforated ulcers were t rea ted with the gastrectomy, wholly in Bil lroth I. One death was resul ted and the operative morta l i ty rate was 2.5%. In a gereral tendency, the(More)
Effects of gastr ic secret ion on pancreatic exocrine glands have not been yet fully understood. However, pancreas has been known to show a high amino-acid uptake, producing pancreat ic enzymes. The authers studied the changes in Glycine C I4 uptake by ra t ' s pancreas, dur ing cer tain t ime beings, under two condit ions; 1) gas t r ic hypersecret ion(More)
group (A). Alkal ine phosphatase act ivi ty of the first hour in group (A) was not changed by the l igat ion of common bile duct. This fact suggested tha t the decrease of the a lkal ine phosphatase in the per fusa te was resul ted in hepatic uptake of this enzyme. Alkal ine phophatase act ivi ty in the perfusate decreased at the first hour and increased(More)
In order to evaluate the usefulness of sulfated polysaccharide for the t r ea tmen t and /o r the prevent ion of the recurrence of peptic ulcer, it is essent ia l to see whe ther i ts inhibi t ing act ion is displayed upon the proteolytic act ivi ty of all enzymes in nat ive gast r ic juice. Data presented dealt wi th the effect of Dextran sulfate on pH(More)
a-methyl DOPA and reserpine to gastr ic secret ion were studied in ra ts with pylorus ligation by the method of Shay et al. Est imation of volume and acidity of the gastr ic juice were car r ied out four hours af ter the ligation. As a pilot study, it was observed that the gastric secret ion was cer ta in ly decreased by atropine sulfate injection(More)
Since it is generally felt that the diagnosis of chronic gastritis made by gastro-camera is some what limitted, we gastrofiberscopically obtained a piece of mucous membrane of the stomach which was diagnosed by gastro-camera as having chronic gastritis, not associated with stomach tumor, ulcer and polyp, and analysed its histological features. Further it is(More)