Yoshikazu Saito

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The ephrin/Eph system plays a central role in neuronal circuit formation; however, its downstream effectors are poorly understood. Here we show that alpha-chimerin Rac GTPase-activating protein mediates ephrinB3/EphA4 forward signaling. We discovered a spontaneous mouse mutation, miffy (mfy), which results in a rabbit-like hopping gait, impaired(More)
Thalamocortical (TC) connectivity is reorganized by thalamic inputs during postnatal development; however, the dynamic characteristics of TC reorganization and the underlying mechanisms remain unexplored. We addressed this question using dendritic refinement of layer 4 (L4) stellate neurons in mouse barrel cortex (barrel cells) as a model; dendritic(More)
Viral protein R (Vpr), a protein of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) with various biological functions, was shown to be present in the blood of HIV-1-positive patients. However, it remained unclear whether circulating Vpr in patients’ blood is biologically active. Here, we examined the activity of blood Vpr using an assay system by which(More)
The production of retroviral vectors using a transient expression system has been improved to obtain a high-titer virus preparation that is difficult to produce using packaging cell lines due to the cytotoxic or cytostatic effect of transgenes. Here, we used one such production method, the so-called Q-vector system, and examined its potential for virus(More)
In this paper, the problem of detecting narrow lines embedded in correlated noise is investigated. An approach based on the contrast theory is adapted to the four-way Graeco-Latin squares design. The analysis provides a theoretical basis for the comparison of a line detector to other detectors that ignore noise dependence. A new and compensated algorithm is(More)
This study investigated associations of a single-mating occurrence (SMO) with farrowing rate and pigs born alive (PBA) in first-serviced and reserviced female pigs (females), and identified the factors associated with SMO. The data included 111,334 service and 91,233 farrowing records on 117 farms. A mating was defined as any one insemination (mating) of a(More)
Given the abundance of stroke patients and deaths from stroke worldwide, many studies concerning the aftermath of stroke are being carried out. To reveal the precise effect of ischemic infarction, we conducted a comprehensive gene expression analysis. Alongside a middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) Sprague-Dawley rat model, we used a group undergoing(More)
To elucidate the effects of altered dietary carbohydrate and fat balance on liver and adipose tissue transcriptomes, 3-week-old rats were fed three kinds of diets: low-, moderate-, and high-fat diets (L, M, and H) containing a different ratio of carbohydrate-fat (C-F) (65:15, 60:20, and 35:45 in energy percent, respectively). The rats consumed the diets for(More)
SUl\l~IARY Repairing embedded memories (e-memories) on an advanced system-on-chip (SOC) product is a key technique used to improve product yield. However. increasing the die area of SOC products equipped with various types of e-memories on the die is an issue. A fuse scheme can be used to resolve this issue. However. several fuse schemes that have been(More)
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