Yoshikazu Mori

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It is said that 60 70 million mines are currently laid in over 50 countries throughout the world (Shimoi, 2002). These mines not only injure people directly, but also negatively influence the lives of inhabitants and restoration of the economy because of their consequent restriction of farmland. Such mines are categorized into two types: ATMs (anti-tank(More)
We developed straight style transfer equipment for a person with disabled legs. It realizes travel in a standing position even on uneven ground, standing-up motion from a chair, and ascending stairs. This equipment comprises three modules: a pair of elastic crutches, a powered lower extremity orthosis, and a pair of mobile platforms. We show the conceptual(More)
We have proposed a bio-inspired gait modulation method, by means of which a simulated quadruped model can successfully perform smooth, autonomous gait transitions from a walk to a trot to a gallop, as observed in animals. The model is equipped with a rhythm generator called a central pattern generator (CPG) for each leg. The lateral neighbouring CPGs are(More)
Snakes are very unique animals that have distinguished motor function adaptable to the most diverse environments in terrestrial animals regardless of their simple cord-shaped body. Revealing the mechanism underlying this distinct locomotion pattern, which is fundamentally different from walking, is signifficant not only in biolgical field but also for(More)