Yoshikazu Hanatani

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Although a great deal of research has been done on electronic cash schemes with blind multisignatures to prevent an insider attack, there is no discussion of a formal security model in the literature. Firstly we discussed the security model of e-cash schemes based on the blind multisignature scheme against a (restricted) attack model and proposed a concrete(More)
The proloferation of RFID tags enhances everyday activities, such as by letting us reference the price, origin and circulation route of speci c goods. On the other hand, this lecel of traceability gives rise to new privacy issues and the topic of developing cryptographic protocols for RFIDtags is garnering much attention. A large amount of research has been(More)
Controlling a large number of devices such as sensors and smart end points, is always a challenge where scalability and security are indispensable. This is even more important when it comes to periodic configuration updates to a large number of such devices belonging to one or more groups. One solution could be to take a group of devices as a unit of(More)