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AIM To evaluate the long-term efficacy of monotherapy with the dipeptidase-4 inhibitor alogliptin benzoate in hemodialysis (HD) patients with type 2 diabetes. METHODS Sixteen diabetic HD patients with inadequate glycemic control (hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) level >6.5% and glycated albumin (GA) level >20%) on diet and exercise participated in the study. No(More)
Inflammation and glycemic control are important prognosis-related factors for hemodialysis (HD) patients; moreover, inflammation affects insulin secretion. Here, we evaluated the anti-inflammatory effects of monotherapy with linagliptin-a dipeptidase-4 inhibitor-in HD patients with type 2 diabetes. We examined 21 diabetic HD patients who were not receiving(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES It is essential to have a clear understanding of the present condition of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training courses and the associated problems. The present study was performed to identify the current conditions of CPR training in Japanese high schools and the attitudes of students toward CPR. METHODS AND RESULTS We(More)
INTRODUCTION Few clinical trials have provided evidence that epinephrine administration after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) improves long-term survival. Here we determined whether prehospital epinephrine administration would improve 1-month survival in OHCA patients. METHODS We analyzed the data of 209,577 OHCA patients; the data were(More)
BACKGROUND There is no study regarding the influence of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) guideline renewal on citizen's attitude towards all basic life support (BLS) actions. METHODS AND RESULTS We conducted a questionnaire survey to new driver licence applicants who participated in the BLS course at driving schools either before (January 2007 to April(More)
In Japan, calcimimetics and other phosphate binders such as lantanum carbonate are not available for patients on long-term hemodialysis (HD), so we prospectively evaluated the clinical efficacy of the combination of sevelamer hydrochloride and calcium carbonate (CaCO3) for hyperphosphatemia. The study group comprised 65 HD patients who had been administered(More)
REVIEW The interval between collapse and emergency call influences the prognosis of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). To reduce the interval, it is essential to identify the causes of delay. METHODS Basal data were collected prospectively by fire departments from 3746 OHCAs witnessed or recognised by citizens and in which resuscitation was attempted(More)
Amiodarone (AMD) is a benzofurane derivative with class III antiarrhythmic activity that is effective in controlling intractable cardiac arrhythmias. One of the most common and serious drug interactions in clinical practice is the interaction between digoxin and an antiarrhythmic agent. It has been reported that AMD and N-monodesethylamiodarone (DEA), the(More)
BACKGROUND The impact of dispatcher-assisted bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on neurological outcomes in children is unclear. We investigated whether dispatcher-assisted bystander CPR shows favorable neurological outcomes (Cerebral Performance Category scale 1 or 2) in children with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). METHODS AND RESULTS(More)