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The development organization often changes during software development. Derivative developments, forks, and change of developers due to acquisition or open-sourcing are some conceivable situations. However, the impact of this change on software quality has yet to be elucidated. Herein we introduce the concept of origins to study the effects of(More)
—Because developers significantly impact software development projects, many researchers have studied developers as a means to improve the quality of software. However, most works have examined developers in a single project, and research involving multiple projects has yet to be published. Herein we propose an analysis method which investigates whether an(More)
Software developments involving multiple organizations such as OSS (Open Source Software)-based projects tend to have numerous defects when one organization develops and another organization edits the program source code files. Developments with complex file creation, modification history (origin), and software architecture (functional layer) are increasing(More)
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