Yoshihito Shiota

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The technique used to align liquid crystals-rubbing the surface of a substrate on which a liquid crystal is subsequently deposited-has been perfected by the multibillion-dollar liquid-crystal display industry. However, it is widely recognized that a non-contact alignment technique would be highly desirable for future generations of large, high-resolution(More)
Self-assembly of artificial nanoscale units into superstructures is a prevalent topic in science. In biomimicry, scientists attempt to develop artificial self-assembled nanoarchitectures. However, despite extensive efforts, the preparation of nanoarchitectures with superior physical properties remains a challenge. For example, one of the major topics in the(More)
To investigate the π-extension effect on an unusual negative-charged spin crossover (SCO) Fe III complex with a weak N 2 O 4 first coordination sphere, we designed and synthesized a series of anionic Fe III complexes from a π-extended naphthalene derivative ligand. Acetonitrile-solvate tetramethylammonium (TMA) salt 1 exhibited an SCO conversion, while(More)
Harnessing molecular motion to reversibly control macroscopic properties, such as shape and size, is a fascinating and challenging subject in materials science. Here we design a crystalline cobalt(II) complex with an n-butyl group on its ligands, which exhibits a reversible crystal deformation at a structural phase transition temperature. In the(More)
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