Yoshihito Sano

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In order to improve the reproducibility of real situations, agents should respond to dynamic environmental changes, as well as considering efficient computation of them since the simulation often becomes huge scale. In this paper, an approach and the basic architecture for GPGPU-based efficient and scalable framework is presented, by applying OpenCL-based(More)
On deploying a good agent simulation, it is important to be able to handle detailed behaviors of agents in a simulation as well as scaling up the simulation to cover important phenomenon that could be produced. There are strong demand to utilize multi-core computing resources effectively for such simulations. However, it is not easy task for developers to(More)
There are strong demands to utilize multi-core computing resources effectively for large-scale and highly detailed multi-agent simulations. We have proposed a framework to assist parameter tuning process of multi-core programming for simulation developers to utilize many parallel cores in their simulation programs efficiently. However, due to its massive(More)
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