Yoshihito Koga

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This paper considers the automatic generation of motion paths for several cooperating robot arms to manipulate a movable object between two configurations among obstacles. To avoid collisions the robots may have to change their grasp of the object, for example, by passing it from one arm to another. The case where the movable object can only be moved by two(More)
We apply manipulation planning to computer animation. A new path planner is presented that automatically computes the collision-free trajectories for several cooperating arms to manipulate a movable object between two configurations. This implemented planner is capable of dealing with complicated tasks where regrasping is involved. In addition, we present a(More)
This paper describes a complete system architecture integrating planning into a two-armed robotic workcell. The system is comprised of four major components: user interface, planner, the dual-arm robot control and sensor system, and an on-line simulator. The graphical user interface provides high-level user direction. The motion planner generates complete(More)
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