Yoshihisa Ohtani

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Two SNPs, i.e. L127V and T172M, of bovine growth hormone (GH) causing the presence of GH gene haplotypes A, B, and C was previously shown to alter intramuscular fatty acid (FA) composition in Japanese Black (JB) heifers. To determine the SNP effect on somatotropic hormone concentration and lipogenesis, we measured plasma GH, insulin, and insulin-like growth(More)
We identified the cells synthesizing stromelysin to be synovial cells in the synovial tissue from four biopsy cases with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) by in situ hybridization and immunohistochemical studies. In the cases which showed severe inflammation of synovia such as well developed lymphoid follicle and diffuse inflammatory infiltration, synovial cells(More)
Although our previous report demonstrated that adiponectin and AdipoR1 gene expressions changed among different lactation stages in the bovine mammary gland, its in vivo kinetics remain unclear in ruminant animals. In this study, we investigated the changes in circulating concentrations of adiponectin, as well as other metabolic hormones and metabolites,(More)
Although the functions of adiponectin, a differentiated adipocyte-derived hormone, in regulating glucose and fatty acid metabolism are regulated by two subtypes of adiponectin receptors (AdipoRs; AdipoR1 and AdipoR2), those in ruminants remain unclear. Therefore we examined the messenger RNA (mRNA) expression levels of adiponectin and its receptors in(More)
This study was conducted to investigate the arginine-vasopressin (AVP)- and oxytocin-induced changes in plasma adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), growth hormone (GH), insulin and glucagon levels and their metabolite concentrations in goats. In this study, five goats were intravenously injected with either AVP (0.3 nmol/kg body weight (BW)) or oxytocin (0.7(More)
5'-Uridylic acid (UMP), which is present at high concentrations in cow's colostrum, has been shown to cause a reduction in increased plasma levels of insulin and glucose after ingestion of milk replacer in pre-weaning calves. However, the precise mechanisms of UMP action have not been investigated, and its action has not been investigated in other(More)
A Gram-stain-variable, strictly anaerobic, rod-shaped, catalase-negative and endospore-forming bacterial strain, designated MJC39T, was isolated from grass silage preserved in Hokkaido, Japan. Growth occurred at 20-42 °C, pH 5.0-7.0 and NaCl concentrations up to 2 % (w/v). The isolated strain MJC39T produced butyric acid in peptone yeast extract medium with(More)
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