Yoshihisa Mano

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We have devised a simple and efficient amplified fragment-length polymorphism (AFLP) system consisting of small slab gels, a discontinuous buffer system, and silver staining. Using this system, a single worker developed a barley map with 227 polymorphic fragments in 2 months. As a mapping population, 99 recombinant inbred lines of barley cultivars(More)
A good programming environment should be designed after sufficient and careful considerations inclusively of the current progress of the hardware and the software. Intelligent terminals controlled by micro-processors have been developed as a certain step in this sense. But most of them are with a "single" display. It is, however, desired to compare and(More)
A lossless data compression scheme i s investigated with a view t o improving the compression rat io for practical use. A n e w scheme called multi-dictionary compression as proposed which uses a local dict ionary and a global dict ionary for removing local and global redundancies respectively. A n implementat ion method f o r this scheme is also provided.(More)
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