Yoshihisa Hara

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We present a newly developed airborne InSAR system incorporating a novel phase unwrapping algorithm, capable of retrieving a highly accurate Digital Surface Model (DSM). The SAR sensor system, with a spatial resolution of 30 cm, is carried on an airborne platform which has two antennas placed at a baseline length of 1 meter. We have established a DSM(More)
Classification of sea ice types using polarimetric radar is an area of considerable current interest and research. Several automatic methods have been developed to classify sea ice types from fully polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (SARI images, and these techniques are generally grouped into supervised and unsupervised approaches. In previous work,(More)
Exhaustive searches were applied to uniformly-excited sparse linear arrays to find the configurations with lowest peak sidelobe levels. By removing interior elements from the non-sparse array and moving the remaining elements to intermediate positions, we found configurations with substantially lower peak sidelobe levels than the non-sparse case with(More)
is presented on the following pages in the format requested by IEEE and is copyright IEEE. Abstract-The paper describes the development of a new type of radar system called Chaotic Signal Radar (CSR), which utilises truly random signals for the modulation and a novel Implicit Sampling Averaging algorithm in the receiver. The paper presents the results of(More)
This work proposes a low-complexity space-time adaptive processing (STAP) algorithm for sensing applications built on a moving platform in the presence of strong clutters. The proposed algorithm achieves low-complexity computation via two steps. First, it utilizes improved fast approximated power iteration methods to compress the data into a much smaller(More)
Coherent change detection (CCD) technique is a kind of promising technique for current remote sensing system using RADAR, such as observation from unmanned aircraft observation system. Since a sensitivity of the target change depends on wavelength of radar system, higher frequency Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is useful to detect a very slight change. On(More)
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