Yoshihisa Fujiwara

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The electrocardiogram (ECG) was measured by non-contact, non-restraint and unconscious method using capacitively-coupled electrodes made of electro-conductive cloth while subjects lay on bed wearing their clothes. These electrodes are very sensitive so measure not only signals but noise. The seat grounded, which arranged under the electrode could suppress(More)
We show several kinematical properties that are intrinsic to the Bianchi models with compact spatial sections. Especially, with spacelike hypersurfaces being closed, (A) no anisotropic expansion is allowed for Bianchi type V and VII (A = 0), and (B) type IV and VI (A = 0, 1) does not exist. In order to show them, we put into geometric terms what is meant by(More)
We investigate the nucleation of universe in a (2+1)-dimensional gravity model with negative cosmological constant. There are a variety of universes born from nothing by quantum tunneling. Utilizing the powerful technique in hyperbolic geometry, we explicitly construct 3-manifolds which describe the nucleation of a higher genus universe. We calculate the(More)
We study topology changing processes in (2+1)-dimensional quantum gravity with negative cosmological constant. By playing thègluing-many-polyhedra game' for hyperbolic geometry, we explicitly construct an innnite number of diierent instanton-like solutions. These solutions can be used to evaluate various topology changing amplitudes in the WKB approximation.
It is important to create a comfortable environment to restful sleep. In this study, we trial-produced an in-bed temperature control system. At first, we statically controlled the temperature in the subject's bed at 32°C by using the system, and examined how this control affected sleep. We were able to confirm that the ratio of slow-wave sleep (SWS)(More)
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