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Cloud offload is an important technique in mobile computing. VM-based cloudlets have been proposed as offload sites for the resource-intensive and latency-sensitive computations typically associated with mobile multimedia applications. Since cloud offload relies on precisely-configured back-end software, it is difficult to support at global scale across(More)
Cloud-sourced virtual appliances (VAs) have been touted as powerful solutions for many software maintenance, mobility, backward compatibility, and security challenges. In this paper, we ask whether it is possible to create a VA cloud service that supports fluid, interactive user experience even over mobile networks. More specifically, we wish to support a(More)
Oak gallwasps are cyclically parthenogenetic insects that induce a wide diversity of highly complex species- and generation-specific galls on oaks and other Fagaceae. Phylogenetic relationships within oak gallwasps remain to be established, while sexual and parthenogenetic generations of many species remain unpaired. Previous work on oak gallwasps has(More)
Amazon S3-style storage is an attractive option for clouds that provides data access over HTTP/HTTPS. At the same time, parallel file systems are an essential component in privately owned clusters that enable highly scalable dataintensive computing. In this work, we take advantage of both of those storage options, and propose pWalrus, a storage service(More)
Metrics like disk activity and network traffic are widespread sources of diagnosis and monitoring information in datacenters and networks. However, as the scale of these systems increases, examining the raw data yields diminishing insight. We present RainMon, a novel end-to-end approach for mining timeseries monitoring data designed to handle its size and(More)
Idle resources can be exploited not only to run important local tasks such as data replication and virus checking, but also to make contributions to society by participating in open computing projects like SETI@home [2]. When executing background processes to utilize such valuable idle resources, we need to explicitly control them so that the user will not(More)
Virtual machine (VM) migration demands distinct properties under resource oversubscription and workload surges. We present enlightened post-copy, a new mechanism for VMs under contention that evicts the target VM with fast execution transfer and short total duration. This design contrasts with common live migration, which uses the down time of the migrated(More)
Many parasitic organisms have an ability to manipulate their hosts to increase their own fitness. In parasitoids, behavioral changes of mobile hosts to avoid or protect against predation and hyperparasitism have been intensively studied, but host manipulation by parasitoids associated with endophytic or immobile hosts has seldom been investigated. We(More)
The influence of deviations in dwell times and source positions for (192)Ir HDR-RALS was investigated. The potential dose errors for various kinds of brachytherapy procedures were evaluated. The deviations of dwell time ΔT of a (192)Ir HDR source for the various dwell times were measured with a well-type ionization chamber. The deviations of source position(More)