Yoshihiro Yasutake

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This paper presents our approach to the Sony Four Logged Robot League of RoboCup 2001. The components of our system consist of strategy, vision, localization, behaviors and walking module. We introduce several techniques for these modules: The image based cooperation, TSL color space for robust color classification, accurate localization through observing(More)
This paper presents a language framework for a concurrent description and an implementation of a synchronization mechanism in distributed object-oriented computation. Some concurrent object-oriented languages are considered to be constructed from a user-defined function and a synchronization constraint. We propose the language for the synchronization(More)
New applications are being introduced for different areas such as commercial, education, and medical etc. A significant effort has been made in developing some of these applications considering the adaptability to the dynamically changing network and hosts' environments. In client-server applications, this adaptability is very important to enhance the(More)
Caching has long been used in most fields of the computer systems to enhance the scalability of the objects, improve the performance and reduce the access latency. A significant effort has been made to introduce cache-coherent algorithms for maintaining the consistency of such data objects in cache by keeping a higher freshness of the data. Updating the(More)
Dynamic changes in open distributed environments damage the continuous execution of distributed objects. A distributed environment consisting of reconfigurable distributed objects would have higher reliability and availability, and a greater resilience to unexpected requirement changes. In this paper, we propose a reconfigurable, object model that(More)
Communication among group members often needs message ordering to guarantee that every member receives the messages in the same order. There are several ordering algorithms designed with efficiency in mind. However, there might often occur environmental changes in distributed computing and the changes undermine the assumption of the algorithms. Therefore it(More)
Distributed systems are some of the most successful structures ever designed for computer users with their undisputed benefits. However, this structure has also introduced several side-effects, most notably unanticipated runtime events and reconfiguration burdens imposed by environmental changes. In this paper, we discuss a model that enables an object to(More)
In distributed systems, the communication among group members often needs ordered messages to guarantee that every member receives the messages in the same order. Oftentimes, changes in distributed computing environment occur and this undermines the assumption of any ordering algorithm. Therefore, it is difficult to presume a suitable ordering algorithm and(More)
The explosive growth of the network, end-host performances and their heterogeneities have resulted ever changing advancement and complexity of distributed computing environments. The users in such environment have not been provided a satisfactory service when they access the required objects. In this paper we focus on adaptive WWW content delivery, which is(More)
This paper presents our approach to the Sony Four Legged Robot League of the RoboCup 2003. Our system consists of inter-robot communication, meta planning, base-level planning, vision, localization, behavior and walking modules. We introduce several techniques for these modules: the using multiple color tables and the object detection with scanline bring(More)
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