Yoshihiro Yasumuro

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This paper describes a new approach for modeling the human hand by considering the dynamics and the natural constraints of the motion and the shape of hands. This hand model consists of a dynamic model and a surface model. The dynamic model is used to generate the posture of a hand. We show that the natural hand posture can be generated even when only a few(More)
Recently, we can render real-time CG of liquid which shows various phenomena by global lighting and physical simulation according to the improvement of the computing power. However, the effect sound for real-time CG of liquid should be made corresponding to all the behavior of the liquid beforehand. Therefore, it is difficult for high reproducibility to be(More)
A Hospital Information Systems (HIS) have turned a hospital into a gigantic computer with huge computational power, huge storage and wired/wireless local area network. On the other hand, a modern medical device, such as echograph, is a computer system with several functional units connected by an internal network named a bus. Therefore, we can embed such a(More)
This paper focuses on modeling and rendering of structural color in computer graphics. Structural color is derived from microstruc-ture of an object, which causes various optical phenomena, such as reflection , refraction, diffraction, interference, and so on. In this paper, the authors take 'play of color' of opal as a typical and complex phenomenon of(More)
Previously we proposed an eccentric figure-eight coil that can cause threshold stimulation in the brain at lower driving currents. In this study, we performed numerical simulations and magnetic stimulations to healthy subjects for evaluating the advantages of the eccentric coil. The simulations were performed using a simplified spherical brain model and a(More)